Tips To Make An Appointment With Apple Genius Bar


The users of iPad, iTunes, iPhone and other Apple devices can visit the nearest Genius bar to get technical support from the trained specialist. The best feature of being an Apple customer is you can visit the nearest Apple store for one-to-one training and support from the Genius bar. Apple stores are very busy most of the times, so you want to create an appointment if you need any help. Do you want to book a Genius Bar appointment in London? Then is the right place to understand the process and methods getting the problem with your iPhone solved in London.

The latest article in, explains the common problems caused by your iPhone and the quick repair options and failures of the app.

The process of Genius bar is much complicated than before. It is beneficial in some ways. The users can solve plenty of problems on their own. But if you require experts help, then the method of getting experts help will be frustrating and confusing. You can check in online the process to get the reservation time at the Genius bar.

Once you have picked the product you want help- a common topic similar to the topic will be displayed. For example, you will get the options like problems with iTunes, battery issues, problems with apps, etc. The topics within that group will appear. In online sites, you can find different suggestions for the phone problem. Based on your search query, you will get different recommendations to solve the query.

After coming across different suggested help options, you will have several options, but you need either Bring in for Repair/Service or Visit the Genius Bar. You don’t find those options, and then you want to check the previous steps and choose another support topic that concludes with these choices. Now you need to sign in with the Apple ID.

Next, you will have to choose the date, time and Apple store for the Genius Bar appointment. You can even bring your iPhone and get some support for it. The map lists down the nearby Apple stores and views the details of each store on the map, the distance from your place, and the time and date it is available in Genius Bar Appointments. Once you identify the store that you need, choose the day you want and click the time suitable for your appointment.

Now your appointment for the store, time and date has been made on your desired date, time and store. You will receive a confirmation of your appointment. To change or modify the reservation, choose the Manage My Reservations link in the email and do the alterations that you require on the Apple’s site.

Apple Company has offered the apple store appointment at the local Apple Store. It was made to facilitate people resolve their issues without getting space and appointment from the busy Apple retail stores. So you can follow the above steps to make an advance appointment in Apple Genius bar at the nearby Apple store and get the help in person.