Rights Of An Injured Worker

Rights Of An Injured Worker

Accident at work can be hard. You might not be able to fulfil the work you have taken because of the injury. You will have to claim the personal injury compensation, and you have no idea about where to start from. If you are injured at work, you have some rights to check on the compensation. As per www.Nolo.com, your employer should fill out the compensation claim form to the insurance company on behalf of you. Here are some tips on what your next steps should be after getting injured at work.

Proper medical treatment should be taken if you are injured. Every workplace will have a medical officer who could be your first point of connection. If your employer is not letting you meet the doctor, then they are breaching the law, and you have all the right to go to the law and ask for compensation. Do not keep yourself away from the medical treatment. An initial medical treatment is necessary to find out whether you have got any internal injuries. If you are not happy with the medical officer appointed by the employer, you can consult another doctor whom you have trust on.

There will be accident books available with the employer to record the details of the accident. Make sure that your employer has made sufficient notes in the record book. By these details, they can improve their safety measures. If you notice that no details have been mentioned in the book, then you can report it to your attorney, if you have one. Do not sign on any documents given by the employer relating to the accident without reading the contents. If you do not understand what is written in the documents, get your attorney to make you understand the documents and then sign it.

Almost all injuries need some rest to heal. Therefore, you can take off from the work until you are fully fit. The employer cannot ask you to come to work if you are not fit. There are laws in the states which can take severe actions against the employers who force the worker to come and work even though they are not completely recovered from the accident. You can take legal advice if the employer pressurises you to rejoin. You cannot take a risk in your life. If you rejoin, you are risking your life as well as other employee’s future.

If you are completely fit for work, you can rejoin. However, do only light duties for first few weeks. It is advised that you should not do any heavy work such as lifting, climbing or carrying heavy goods. The employer must give you special consideration because you are just back from an injury. If they put you in heavy work, there are chances that your health can get affected and the employer will again have to file a compensation claim. So it will be better for both the parties to take some time off from work and then return to work with a healthy body.